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Does Link Building Still Improve Rankings (SEO Case Study)

Currently under way we are running a case study on a test website we have created that has been indexed and has good quality content on it in the exceptionally competitive “Gift” sector.  It is essentially a blog that provides browsers and readers with gift ideas for various scenarios.

We will be building Quality Backlinks to a variety of posts using a number of methods.

Method one – hard graft,  natural link building like SEO’s do

Method two – using a 3rd party SEO company to get rankings for a particular post

Method three – Using a link building tool

Method four – perhaps the most contentious will be using a link building service.

Is method 4 ‘black hat’?  I do not really know as i cannot be sure of the methods they use, however this particular service will be named at the end of the study with the full details of the site and results.  The service used has been around a long time and have impressive retention rates, testimonials and high standards according to their claims.

I will add to this post on a regular basis to update the details of the study – Look out for more or join my notifications list for updates to this post.

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